Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 50: You are Cordially Invited

I remember a time when the desi wedding season in LA was confined to December and June. Nowadays, wedding season never seems to end, and so the year is literally filled with an average of one wedding invitation received per week. With all those invites, one would assume they'd all meld and fuse together into one giant concept of "The Wedding Invite." 'Tis not so!

There are the traditional red and gold, the plain and simple cream on cream, some with a modern twist of geometric designs, others Tiffany blue, or hot pink, and some the lately popular baby blue and chocolate.

Then there are the new crop of invites, those hoping to make a big statement and proclaim, "People, I have arrived in your mailbox, look at me and feel my weight!" We've gotten a long rectangular box, lined in velvet, containing a super-sized "diamond" ring with the couple's names etched on. We've had even larger boxes with boxes within and boxes within that, all lined in expensive fabrics and studded with crystals. We've even had a large boxed invitation driven over and "personally" delivered by a fancy chauffeur/butler type man.

When this week's invite (it was actually the second one received this week) arrived in the mail and we opened it up, I was blown away by its incredible combination of elegance, tradition, and true sense of warm friendliness. It was a refreshing invite, really. Best of all, it didn't have to scream "I am Pakistani!" or "I'm so heavy and lavish!" in order to be absolutely beautiful and perfect.

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