Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 38: Electrifying

OYLPA Day 38: Electrifying, originally uploaded by klodhie.
What is the cost of electricity?

I really only am aware of it when it's gone. For some odd reason still unknown to me, the electricity leaves our neighborhood on a regular basis, almost once a month (and no, I don't live in Pakistan). And what happens without fail on these electricity-less nights? Every single person in the house leaves whatever they had previously been doing and gathers together in one room. Tonight it was the foyer.

This is why these electricity-less nights are some of my favorites. As long as the power is out, we'll all sit there with our candles and flashlights and TALK. For hours. We did the same tonight. While my parents went to bed at some point, my siblings, friend, and I talked from 9:30pm till 1am about anything, nothing, everything - all of it involving good funny memories and nonstop laughter. The lack of power also induced me to experiment with the effects of light over time in a photograph (see more photos here).

We talked and laughed for hours without any electronic diversion. The moment the power came back on, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, saying, "Finally!" suddenly forgetting that they had been having a perfectly enjoyable last few hours.

And what else happened when the power came back on? What is the true cost of electricity? Everyone separated and retreated back into their individual spaces. Brother and friend went back to their screens. Sister turned on her laptop and is currently sitting alone in the living room. I'm here alone in front of my own screen writing this.

THAT is the cost of electricity.

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